A picture tells a thousand words

They say a photo or a picture tells a thousand words.

A good photo conveys more than just the image you see. It tells you a story which evokes human emotions. It allows your imagine to run wild and further predict what goes beyond what you see in the photo. What you you see in this picture?

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So if a good picture tells a story, you will definitely need a good photograph in order to tell a good story. So what makes a photograph excellent? These are 3 major pointers to take note of:

1) Framing

This is a technique to use when you want to draw attention to something in your photograph. By framing a scene or a subject, say with a window or an archway, you lead the viewer’s eye to the primary focal point. Without a focal point, a photo will look messy.

2) Keep it simple

Don’t try to pack too many elements into your image; it will just end up looking messy. If you just include one or two points of interest, your audience won’t be confused at where they should be looking or what they should be looking at.

3) Remember, Light is king!

Lighting is as valuable a tool as your camera itself. In fact, I think of them as equal teammates that have to work together to do the job — and you are their coach. Generally, natural light from the sun is the best option. If you’re inside, raise the blinds and open the curtains to let in as much light as possible and, if you can, move your subject near the window. If you’re limited to artificial lighting (anything that uses electricity), you’ll want to make sure you place the lamps in a way that they’re fully lighting your subject because artificial light tends to be uneven. If you have a lamp or overhead lighting, take note of the direction the light is pointing in. Can you point another light from the other side to balance it out?

So ladies and gentlemen, next time when you want to snap a photograph, remember these 3 tips we have for you!

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