Family Is All That Matters

I was very excited for Kai’s Family, as well as the photoshoot session with them.

“You will never be able to stop or rewind time. Pictures are one way to capture a person’s essence and likeness to remember for always.”

I am not saying everyone should become obsessive about taking pictures of all of their friends and family all the time, but I am saying that if we can freeze the moments we want to and recall the happiness of the very moment, why not?  Make sure that you do set aside some time to have your pictures taken, whether it be with your personal camera at home or with a professional photographer.  Don’t wait around until you lose weight or everything is perfect.  Just do it and you will be so glad you did.

Kai's Family-36 Kai's Family-136 Kai's Family-171

“The photographs had made him aware how much the street and the buildings meant to him. Like an extended family that he’d taken for granted and ignored, assuming it would always be there. But buildings and roads and spaces were as fragile as human beings, you had to cherish them while you had them.”
― Rohinton Mistry, Family Matters